April 6, 2020
PennantPark Sees Lower Leverage, More Covenants in Private Debt (April 6, 2020) By Kelsey Butler – Bloomberg Bloomberg’s Kelsey Butler talked to Managing Partner Art Penn for an article covering PennantPark’s outlook on middle market lending, highlighting that the firm expects “lower leverage levels and juicier yields in private credit once the market gets back up and running.” Though the private credit sector is facing a market disruption due to the coronavirus outbreak, Art provided...
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PennantPark Seeks $1bn For A New Syndicated Loan Fund By David Graubard – Alternatives Watch PennantPark Founder and Managing Partner Art Penn spoke with David Graubard of Alternatives Watch about the firm’s newly-planned syndicated loan fund. “We are looking at potential bargains in the broadly syndicated loan space because there are some solid companies that do not seem to be impacted by Covid-19 at discounted prices,” Art said.   Click here to read the full...
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