Introduction to Direct Lending

Art Penn

Founder and Managing Partner

PennantPark’s Founder and Managing Partner, Art Penn, spoke with Trinity Chavez of NYSE about the private credit industry and the market dynamics that are driving more investors than ever before to middle market direct lending. 

Floating-Rate Loans

Ryan Raskopf


Ryan Raskopf speaks with NYSE’s Trinity Chavez about floating rate loans and their potential advantages for investors. Ryan notes floating rate loans can be especially helpful in combatting against rising interest rates – as they offer investors higher yield and price stability

PennantPark’s Target Borrowers

José Briones

Senior Partner

José Briones speaks about our investment philosophy, industries of expertise, and target borrower profiles. He also describes the quantitative metrics that PennantPark considers when making new investments.

Middle Market Lending

Sal Giannetti

Senior Partner

Sal Giannetti speaks with Trinity Chavez about the U.S. middle market, which includes over 200,000 companies and generates $10 trillion in annual revenue. Sal also explains that many banks and investment managers have vacated the core middle market, leaving behind a less competitive market featuring better pricing and stronger loan structures for investors.

The Buyout Process

James Stone


James Stone speaks with Trinity Chavez about the middle market buyout process and the role of private credit managers like PennantPark. James also explains the value of building long-term relationships with private equity sponsors, along with the rigorous due diligence process that takes place before an investment is made.